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                Internship Experience Exchange from International Class of SIE Was Successfully Held

                Post time:2016-04-06 13:12:39Post:董东栋 Author:Unknown Edit:HMU Source:HMU Views:

                On April 1st evening ,internship experience exchange from international class of school of international education,Hainan medical university was successfully held in classroom 2-402 with all students and related teachers participated.Dean of SIE, Prof.Huamin Wang spoke at the meeting and raised qualifications of clinical internship and abroad exchange.The whole meeting was hosted by Ms.Zhang Fan.

                Reference for more details.

                1、Medical Licensing Examination

                2、Experience in the U of U

                Prof. Huaming Wang is delivering the opening remarks

                Ms. Chen Binbin is talking about the medical licensing exam

                Internship in Beijing 301 Military Hospital from Zhou Duo

                Internship in university of Utah from Zhong Haoxi

                Q and A at the final of the meeting

                Ms. Zhang Fan is hosting the meeting

                At the meeting