Swimming pool

Karisma Ladies Centre has covered swimming pool especially designed for different water exercises like aqua aerobic & fitness that can be carried out by all ladies from all age categories. The pool is also used for swimming practices.

As for those who love to relax next to the water, a special area With relaxing chairs are available at all around the pool

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  • Aqua Aerobics

The covered swimming pool is a haven in itself. Taking care of your privacy needs but at the same time giving you the luxury of beautiful and placid waters where you can swim away your worries.

Aqua Fitness/Aqua Aerobic  

• Provides a low impact workout that will not strain the weight bearing joints or the back

•The resistance of water ensures that the exerciser does not work beyond her capability

•The working heartbeat in water is lower than when training in similar intensity on land

•Increases or at least maintains bone density

•Works muscles that are rarely used on land and are consequently flabby

•Forces the exerciser to maintain abdominal stability during all movements in the water

•Hydrostatic pressure (the pressure of water on the body) improves blood circulation and helps decrease water retention.

•There is no next day muscle pain after workout but you will sleep really well that night

•Even though you perspire during the workout, you never feel sweaty

•Water exercise is healthy and in vogue

•The exercise is hidden by the water, which can appeal to those lacking in self-confidence

•You don’t have to get your hair wet It’s fun

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